Official Product Launch

Dummy Mount officially launched June 1st 2014.  We wanted to launch the product in conjunction with the ASP Fiji Pro Surfing Competition and the GoPro Challenge.  These events are held at Cloudbreak, an infamous surfing spot regarded as one of the best waves on the planet.  Our guerilla-marketing plan was to give all the competitors Dummy Mounts to use with their GoPro cameras.  The best way to document your ride is to hold your camera in your mouth, so your hands are free and balance is unobstructed.  Then if you like you can transfer the camera to your hand and get an amazing self-image!  The BEST way to carry your camera in your mouth is the Dummy Mount Mouth Mount!  And by giving all the best surfers in the world Dummy Mounts we are able to experience their points of view first hand (and have some fun at the same time!)

The only way to get the mounts to the pros was to simply go up to them and say hello!  At the airport I saw CJ Hobgood, Jordy Smith and Brett Simpson sitting at a table, so I went up and showed them the Dummy Mount and gave them all their own to use (See our Instagram page for pics).  Jordy and CJ both posted amazing clips during the contest that they used their Dummy Mounts to capture!  I also gave mounts to Miguel Pupo and Alejo Muniz at LAX while we were boarding the plane.  Lucky one of my good friends lives a few months of the year on his yacht in Fiji!  So we sailed over to Namotu Island and I was able to give mounts to all the competitors that were staying on the island, including the eventual winner of the event Gabriel Medina.  Then we went for a surf at Cloudbreak, and I ran into CJ Hobgood again and was able to give him the rest of the mounts for all the competitors staying on Tavarua Island.  Many thanks go out to CJ for helping me pass out the Dummy Mounts!  Now every member of the ASP top 34 has a Dummy Mount including Kelly Slater!  I hope he uses it and we get to see his Point of View!