Applications of Dummy Mount Mouth Mount

Although the founder of Dummy Mount™ designed the first prototypes specifically for surfing, the Dummy Mount™ Mouth Mount is probably the best POV mount that you can use for your GoPro camera for any activity that you want to document. Of course it’s great to show off your skills at recreations such as golf, martial arts, jiu jitsu, rock climbing, basketball, baseball, football, kayaking, cliff jumping, tennis, horseback riding, boxing etc… The list goes on and on!  But imagine all those experiences being re-lived through your footage using Dummy Mount, almost as close as your eyes witnessed.  The training applications are endless!  The Dummy Mount™ Mouth Mount is a tool to increase your performance of any activity!  What’s better than showing your friends and competitors what you can do, and getting better at it at the same time?  You can also take full advantage of all the capabilities of your GoPro camera modes on the fly, quickly and easily unlike using a helmet mount or chesty.   You will love to use your Dummy Mount™ to capture all the action exactly where your eyes are looking, and your head is turning.  The comfortable stylish Dummy Mount™ Mouth Mount combined with the Dummy Float™ fits snug on your chin reducing camera shaking. This also allows the camera to rest on your chin taking the strain off the bite mount and giving a comfortable breathable experience.  The Cowabunga Cord™ attaches using 150 lb test fishing line that is connected between the Dummy Mount™ Mouth Mount and the GoPro Housing using the screw.  The opposite end of the Cowabunga Cord™ attaches to you anywhere you can make a loop.  The Cowabunga Cord™ features a quick release buckle so you can easily GoPro toss to your friends.

We can’t wait to see what YOU do with YOURS! #dummymount