2018 Update

The Lab has been busy for the last couple of years designing new products and getting closer to fulfilling the company vision.  There have been some roadblocks along the way but we are confident they are behind us.  Thank you to our supporters and followers without you guys we would not be able to create.

If you have be watching our journey you probably have an idea of the direction we are going.  Ever close now to completing our new mounting system and are very excited to share it!

We have crossed over to making accessories for boards compatible with all types of tech gear.

The Dummy Plug system creates a way to install a removable Surfboard Binding, Foilboard Binding, Skimboard Binding, Bootless Snowboard Binding, Skate Binding etc...

Wavepools will create a new consistant completely even playing field.  The Dummy Surf Binding and Dummy Plug System will push progression by allowing for inverted maneuvers to be performed more consistently on waves.   ETA June 2018.

Patents Pending