Dummy Mount 2 Deluxe Bundle Kit

The Dummy Mount 2 Bundle kit is the Ultimate Solution for amazing photos, videos and creating content!

We have arranged all of our brand new most popular products in one easy to buy kit offering our customers the best price to own all of our unique and original gear for your GoPro or favorite action cameras!  

We created the Surfy Stick / Mouth Mount combo as a way to carry a grip handle hands free and also easily transfer to get hand held 3rd person POV shots!

The Dummy Mount 2 is Manufactured out of Nylon.  A far superior material than what the other Mouth Mounts available on the market are made from.  Other designs that hang too low below your chin often snap and fail.  The Dummy Mount 2 is pliable and can be bent without breaking!  Our 2nd Generation Design offers the the most comfort for your jaw and teeth, the most stable footage by far, breathable on 4 sides, and just looks way cooler!

The Surfy Stick mounts are rugged PLA plastic crafted on a 3D Printer and made by hand.  The grip is comfy EVA foam.

The Dummy Mount 2 Deluxe Bundle Kit includes:

- Dummy Mount 2 Mouth mount (NEW for 2016)

- Dummy Leash (NEW for 2016)

- Original Dummy Float 

- Dummy Screw & Black Plastic Screw

- Dummy Surfy Stick 3D Printed Handgrip

As always we can't wait to see the EPIC content you create with Dummy Mounts so don't forget to hashtag #dummymount on social media!