Introducing the Dummy Noodle

Introducing The Dummy Noodle.

We are proud to announce our latest creation, the Dummy Noodle!  The major component in the Dummy Noodle mount is the pool noodle float, and thats where it gets its funky name from!  When dropped in the water the Dummy Noodle will float on the surface being very easy to spot.  The hand grip is soft like a fishing pole.  Because the GoPro is mounted to the side of the mount you can achieve great shots without getting the noodle mount in the shot.  Final prototypes are being tested and we are scheduled to launch this new product late June. 

Another feature of the Dummy Noodle is the ability to attach other mounts to the handle!  Including our very own Dummy Mount to use it hands free.  The user could also attach a second GoPro to get the double angle etc…

We will keep you updated when we get more news.

Dummy Mount