Dummy Surfy Stick GoPro Hand Grip (that you can carry hands free) 10-15-15

The Dummy Surfy Stick is the result of multiple requests from riders and athletes for a GoPro® Hand Grip that can easily be carried hands free for watersports and other activities. 

While testing the Dummy Mount Bundle Kit in Fiji we witnessed Kelly Slater using a Pool Noodle with a GoPro® mounted to it surfing Cloudbreak.  This was the spark that led us to create the Surfy Stick Grip (formerly the Dummy Noodle)

After many Prototypes using Pool Noodles and trying different lengths and designs, the feedback from riders was that the grip needed to be short and compact while attaching to the Dummy Mouth Mount.

What we have come up with is the complete solution for a Hand Grip that can be carried hands free with your Dummy Mount!

For now the product is available in limited quantity created on our MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer and Hand Made to order while the moulds get made to mass produce the final Dummy Surfy Sticks.  These will feature a light weight floaty design with a removable bottom and hollow inside chamber.  Colors will be customizable!

Please dont hesitate to email us with any Dummy questions!