2018 Update

The Lab has been busy for the last couple of years designing new products and getting closer to fulfilling the company vision.  There have been some roadblocks along the way but we are confident they are behind us.  Thank you to our supporters and followers without you guys we would not be able to create.

If you have be watching our journey you probably have an idea of the direction we are going.  Ever close now to completing our new mounting system and are very excited to share it!

We have crossed over to making accessories for boards compatible with all types of tech gear.

The Dummy Plug system creates a way to install a removable Surfboard Binding, Foilboard Binding, Skimboard Binding, Bootless Snowboard Binding, Skate Binding etc...

Wavepools will create a new consistant completely even playing field.  The Dummy Surf Binding and Dummy Plug System will push progression by allowing for inverted maneuvers to be performed more consistently on waves.   ETA June 2018.

Patents Pending 




Dummy Mount 2 Deluxe Bundle Kit

The Dummy Mount 2 Bundle kit is the Ultimate Solution for amazing photos, videos and creating content!

We have arranged all of our brand new most popular products in one easy to buy kit offering our customers the best price to own all of our unique and original gear for your GoPro or favorite action cameras!  

We created the Surfy Stick / Mouth Mount combo as a way to carry a grip handle hands free and also easily transfer to get hand held 3rd person POV shots!

The Dummy Mount 2 is Manufactured out of Nylon.  A far superior material than what the other Mouth Mounts available on the market are made from.  Other designs that hang too low below your chin often snap and fail.  The Dummy Mount 2 is pliable and can be bent without breaking!  Our 2nd Generation Design offers the the most comfort for your jaw and teeth, the most stable footage by far, breathable on 4 sides, and just looks way cooler!

The Surfy Stick mounts are rugged PLA plastic crafted on a 3D Printer and made by hand.  The grip is comfy EVA foam.

The Dummy Mount 2 Deluxe Bundle Kit includes:

- Dummy Mount 2 Mouth mount (NEW for 2016)

- Dummy Leash (NEW for 2016)

- Original Dummy Float 

- Dummy Screw & Black Plastic Screw

- Dummy Surfy Stick 3D Printed Handgrip

As always we can't wait to see the EPIC content you create with Dummy Mounts so don't forget to hashtag #dummymount on social media!


Dummy Surfy Stick GoPro Hand Grip (that you can carry hands free) 10-15-15

The Dummy Surfy Stick is the result of multiple requests from riders and athletes for a GoPro® Hand Grip that can easily be carried hands free for watersports and other activities. 

While testing the Dummy Mount Bundle Kit in Fiji we witnessed Kelly Slater using a Pool Noodle with a GoPro® mounted to it surfing Cloudbreak.  This was the spark that led us to create the Surfy Stick Grip (formerly the Dummy Noodle)

After many Prototypes using Pool Noodles and trying different lengths and designs, the feedback from riders was that the grip needed to be short and compact while attaching to the Dummy Mouth Mount.

What we have come up with is the complete solution for a Hand Grip that can be carried hands free with your Dummy Mount!

For now the product is available in limited quantity created on our MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer and Hand Made to order while the moulds get made to mass produce the final Dummy Surfy Sticks.  These will feature a light weight floaty design with a removable bottom and hollow inside chamber.  Colors will be customizable!

Please dont hesitate to email us with any Dummy questions!




Dummy Noodle Hand Grip for Hero 4 Session Launch 7-26-15

Dummy Noodle Hand Grip for the Hero 4 Session Camera is here!

We have designed the Dummy Noodle Hand Grip to fit the GoPro® Hero4Session® Camera Perfectly.  Its light weight soft spongy grip fits comfortably and ergonomically in your hand and it is small enough to stash in your pocket and it floats.

The Key Feature is that you can attach your Dummy Mount and carry it easily in you mouth as a GoPro® mouth mount to quickly transfer to your hand and get those epic 3rd person POV Shot!

We are offering the Handmade 3D Printed Prototypes for a limited time on our website for the really low price of $19.99!  Once the Machined Aluminum Final product arrive we will no longer make them at this price!


Introducing the Dummy Noodle

Introducing The Dummy Noodle.

We are proud to announce our latest creation, the Dummy Noodle!  The major component in the Dummy Noodle mount is the pool noodle float, and thats where it gets its funky name from!  When dropped in the water the Dummy Noodle will float on the surface being very easy to spot.  The hand grip is soft like a fishing pole.  Because the GoPro is mounted to the side of the mount you can achieve great shots without getting the noodle mount in the shot.  Final prototypes are being tested and we are scheduled to launch this new product late June. 

Another feature of the Dummy Noodle is the ability to attach other mounts to the handle!  Including our very own Dummy Mount to use it hands free.  The user could also attach a second GoPro to get the double angle etc…

We will keep you updated when we get more news.

Dummy Mount

Official Product Launch

Dummy Mount officially launched June 1st 2014.  We wanted to launch the product in conjunction with the ASP Fiji Pro Surfing Competition and the GoPro Challenge.  These events are held at Cloudbreak, an infamous surfing spot regarded as one of the best waves on the planet.  Our guerilla-marketing plan was to give all the competitors Dummy Mounts to use with their GoPro cameras.  The best way to document your ride is to hold your camera in your mouth, so your hands are free and balance is unobstructed.  Then if you like you can transfer the camera to your hand and get an amazing self-image!  The BEST way to carry your camera in your mouth is the Dummy Mount Mouth Mount!  And by giving all the best surfers in the world Dummy Mounts we are able to experience their points of view first hand (and have some fun at the same time!)

The only way to get the mounts to the pros was to simply go up to them and say hello!  At the airport I saw CJ Hobgood, Jordy Smith and Brett Simpson sitting at a table, so I went up and showed them the Dummy Mount and gave them all their own to use (See our Instagram page for pics).  Jordy and CJ both posted amazing clips during the contest that they used their Dummy Mounts to capture!  I also gave mounts to Miguel Pupo and Alejo Muniz at LAX while we were boarding the plane.  Lucky one of my good friends lives a few months of the year on his yacht in Fiji!  So we sailed over to Namotu Island and I was able to give mounts to all the competitors that were staying on the island, including the eventual winner of the event Gabriel Medina.  Then we went for a surf at Cloudbreak, and I ran into CJ Hobgood again and was able to give him the rest of the mounts for all the competitors staying on Tavarua Island.  Many thanks go out to CJ for helping me pass out the Dummy Mounts!  Now every member of the ASP top 34 has a Dummy Mount including Kelly Slater!  I hope he uses it and we get to see his Point of View!

Applications of Dummy Mount Mouth Mount

Although the founder of Dummy Mount™ designed the first prototypes specifically for surfing, the Dummy Mount™ Mouth Mount is probably the best POV mount that you can use for your GoPro camera for any activity that you want to document. Of course it’s great to show off your skills at recreations such as golf, martial arts, jiu jitsu, rock climbing, basketball, baseball, football, kayaking, cliff jumping, tennis, horseback riding, boxing etc… The list goes on and on!  But imagine all those experiences being re-lived through your footage using Dummy Mount, almost as close as your eyes witnessed.  The training applications are endless!  The Dummy Mount™ Mouth Mount is a tool to increase your performance of any activity!  What’s better than showing your friends and competitors what you can do, and getting better at it at the same time?  You can also take full advantage of all the capabilities of your GoPro camera modes on the fly, quickly and easily unlike using a helmet mount or chesty.   You will love to use your Dummy Mount™ to capture all the action exactly where your eyes are looking, and your head is turning.  The comfortable stylish Dummy Mount™ Mouth Mount combined with the Dummy Float™ fits snug on your chin reducing camera shaking. This also allows the camera to rest on your chin taking the strain off the bite mount and giving a comfortable breathable experience.  The Cowabunga Cord™ attaches using 150 lb test fishing line that is connected between the Dummy Mount™ Mouth Mount and the GoPro Housing using the screw.  The opposite end of the Cowabunga Cord™ attaches to you anywhere you can make a loop.  The Cowabunga Cord™ features a quick release buckle so you can easily GoPro toss to your friends.

We can’t wait to see what YOU do with YOURS! #dummymount

How Dummy Mount got its name


The first Dummy Mount prototypes were constructed about two years ago.  One crisp early fall morning I decided to take my GoPro and new mouth mount out to get some footage.  My home break has a reputation and a colorful cast of individuals that surf there on a regular basis.  I got some stares because cameras are not popular on good days, but nobody was really grumpy about it.  However the heckling started and one of the boys was calling my mouth mount a pacifier/binky.

I have strong connections to New Zealand and am very familiar with the culture down under.  In that part of the world a pacifier is called a "dummy"  and that is how Dummy Mount got its name.